New Products

Stella Frozen
Stella Frozen Raw Food
The most economical raw diet available. The patties are formulated with your pet’s ancestral diet in mind while the morsels minimize the time to thaw.

Primal Frozen
Primal Frozen Raw Food
Produced using the freshest, 100% human grade ingredients, antibiotic and steroid free without added hormones. Provides a safe and wholesome raw food diet.

Blue Stix
Blue Stix Soft Dog Treats
BLUE Stix are moist and tasty rolls for all treat-loving dogs. The perfect reward for good behavior, or just for being a loyal friend.

NaturVet Mushroom Max
Mushrooms contain powerful immune-boosting substances which help support overall health and strengthen the immune system.

Sportmix Biscuits 20# Box
Looking for Bulk Biscuits at a great price? Check these out! 20 pounds of Grain-Free biscuits in a variety of sizes for just $34.99

Fill Your Own Biscuits
Not sure which biscuits to choose? Try the Sportmix bag of biscuits. Mix and match from six different varieties for just $2.99.

Blue Wilderness Tubs
Made to satisfy your dog’s wolf spirit by giving him the meat he was born to love in a convenient, complete-meal serving.

Blue Wilderness Flatland Feast
Inspired by the wild game birds that flock to America’s Great Plains.Turkey, quail and duck supply the protein your dog needs.

Blue Wilderness Snake River Grill
Captures the mouthwatering flavors of this fish and game paradise with a unique, protein-packed blend of trout, venison and rabbit.

Blue Wilderness Stix
Grain-Free Wilderness Stix so your dog can enjoy a soft-moist, high-protein treat without any grains that contain gluten.

Merrick Lil Plates Variety Pack
Merrick Lil’l Plates Mini Medley Pack. Contains (4) each of Petite Pot Pie, Itsy Bitsy Beef Stew and Tiny Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Fromm Chicken au Frommage
French-inspired entrées in the Four-Starline, prepared with chicken, lentils, potatoes, and cheese with fruit and vegetables.